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Dairy is one of the most popular foods on the planet, why we want to change this?

We don't want to change the products you love, we just want to break the before and after of your moment of happiness.

What makes dairy products great is the taste, the texture, the aroma ... it is such a complex food with many variations and nuances. And of course! is part of our culture and traditions. But it comes at a high cost: animal exploitation, highly ineffective and non sustainable production methods, health-related problems such as the consequences of casein, lactose, and cholesterol.

There are many ways to improve the planet, but eating products that taste like cardboard will never be one of them.
For that reason at 4My, we are working hard to break the before and after, to continue enjoying the products you love, without compromises.

What is 4My?

We are a Plant-Based dairy startup, dedicated to creating high-quality, sustainable and delicious products, made from plants.

What is YETI?

YETI is the name of the first 4MY product, creamy cashew camembert fermented at a controlled temperature to develop the flavour nuances that characterize it.

Is the surface of YETI edible?

Absolutely! As in traditional camembert, the surface is created by the fermentation and growth process of Penicillium camemberti. It is extremely healthy and with a smooth and crunchy texture reminiscent of mushrooms.

How should I keep my YETI?

The ideal temperature for YETI is 4ºC. Just store it in the fridge inside its box, which has been created to avoid sudden changes in temperature.

How long can I keep my YETI once I cut it?

Like traditional cheeses, surfaces exposed to cuts tend to oxidize and dry slightly. You can remove these parts and consume the rest of the YETI without problems. Remember to always keep it wrapped in its paper, and inside its box at a temperature of approximately 4ºC.
If you see excess moisture inside the cheese paper, just wipe it off with a paper towel

It can happen on rare occasions since YETI is a very delicate premium cheese that once cut and stored for a few days, a thin, fluffy white layer can grow on the cut part. Nothing dangerous, the cultures within the YETI are alive and sometimes they like to hang around;) just cut off the fluffy part and still enjoy your cheese!

How long can I keep my YETI in the refrigerator?

It depends on how much you resist its exquisite taste :). You can find "Best before" at any time at the bottom of the package with the expiration date. Normally Yeti can be in your fridge for about 3 weeks, but we're sure when you try it, it will soon disappear from your fridge. Remember that it is an artisanal and fresh product, so the idea is to consume it close to the date you bought it.

What is the best way to eat my YETI?

To appreciate all its complexity, we recommend taking it out of the fridge for about 5 minutes before consuming it. We are working on our recipe book, and we will publish it soon so that you have creative ideas on how to enjoy its flavor to the fullest.

Why is YETI so expensive?

It is?
Yeti is the first plant-based camembert made in Singapore. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible so that everyone can enjoy it. But first of all, we want to avoid a mess along the way for this to happen, otherwise, none of this would make sense.

Therefore, we have paid special attention to each part of the process that forms the final experience of consuming a 4MY product.

Our cashews are organic, produced by a small group of farmers, where there is no trace of harmful chemicals or human exploitation.

(it's not just about respecting animals)

YETI is a product made entirely by hand, under a fermentation process that takes about 3 weeks of controlled temperature and humidity, transforming these cashews into YETI.

4MY is the sum of all these things and that is what you support when you choose our products.


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